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A professionally installed and maintained lighting system can transform your yard into a beautiful, serene and more functional and safe space while also increasing the value of your home. Primos Landscaping and Patio Design can transform your outdoor nights. From safely lighted driveways to illuminated patios and backyards, outdoor lighting will allow your to enjoy your outdood spaces well after the sun has gone down. At Primos Landscaping and Patio Design, we have a team of experienced residential lighting experts who have illuminated many Mesa, Arizona homes with stunning results. Each design is custom and aims to accentuate the natural architectural features of your home and the best qualities of your gardens. Call us for a free quote to see how affordably we can bring your home to life at night with a stunning residential lighting design.


Regular lawn maintenance is important for keeping your lawn looking healthy and lush. However, if you want to keep your free time as your own, you can outsource your lawn maintenance. For those who don’t want to spend their Sundays mowing, professional lawn mowing services are a great option. Once you have our professional team of landscape installers design and implement your lawn design, you want to keep it looking just as beautiful as the first day of installation. When you select Primos Landscaping and Patio Design as your lawn care provider, we guarantee your satisfaction. We include a variety of smaller services within our regular mowing service, so you can reap the full benefits of professional lawn care.


When we remove dead or diseased trees from your property, or when you simply want to add more trees for how they look, our certified arborists can plant them on your property easily and effectively. Using our state-of-the-art equipment, extensive expertise, and years of experience, we can ensure your property and your plant-life are healthy and beautiful for years to come. Our certified arborist can help you choose a tree that’s ideal for your property, climate, and appearance needs.


Spring in the Mesa, Arizona area is notoriously unpredictable when it comes to weather conditions that can affect your lawn. A good clean up program can help you be ready for the changing conditions to come. Primos Landscaping and Patio Design can help you with:

⦿ Trash removal
⦿ Weed treatment & control
⦿ Irrigation inspection
⦿ Trimming and pruning
⦿ Composting
⦿ Planting and gardening
⦿ Seeding
⦿ Fencing
⦿ Clearing pathways
⦿ Edging
⦿ Fertilizing


The fall season change brings beautiful colors, but also leaf cleaning and prep work before winter. It’s important to protect your home and guard your lawn. Primos Landscaping and Patio Design will help you by:

⦿ Trash removal
⦿ Cleaning gutters
⦿ Trimming
⦿ Fertilizing
⦿ Clearing dead foliage
⦿ Raking
⦿ Mulching
⦿ Leaf clean up
⦿ Winterizing lawn and decks
⦿ Winterizing irrigation system