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Arizona Clean Up and More!


Spring in the Meza, Arizona area is notoriously unpredictable when it comes to weather conditions that can affect your lawn. A good clean up program can help you be ready for the changing conditions to come. Primos Landscaping and Patio Design can help you with:

⦿ Trash removal
⦿ Weed treatment & control
⦿ Irrigation inspection
⦿ Trimming and pruning
⦿ Composting
⦿ Planting and gardening
⦿ Seeding
⦿ Fencing
⦿ Clearing pathways
⦿ Edging
⦿ Fertilizing


The fall season change brings beautiful colors, but also leaf cleaning and prep work before winter. It’s important to protect your home and guard your lawn. Primos Landscaping and Patio Design will help you by:

⦿ Trash removal
⦿ Cleaning gutters
⦿ Trimming
⦿ Fertilizing
⦿ Clearing dead foliage
⦿ Raking
⦿ Mulching
⦿ Leaf clean up
⦿ Winterizing lawn and decks
⦿ Winterizing irrigation system